What’s changing? The Saint Joseph’s parish 200 Club is being re-launched from 1st November 2021. From this date onwards all members should make their payments by monthly standing order, pay into the designated 200 Club account, and register their contact information on the parish website.


What do I need to do? 1. Make sure you have a monthly standing order. 2. Make sure it’s going into the correct account. 3. Make sure your contact information is up to date on the parish register.


Why are you changing the payment methods you accept? For historical reasons the 200 Club was originally set up with payments being made into the general parish account by monthly standing order, annual standing order, cheque, and cash. This creates a great many administrative challenges to running the club, particularly in the summer months when annual renewals become due. Payment by monthly standing order makes the 200 Club much less labour intensive to run, and also makes the general parish finances much easier to manage.


Will it still be possible to pay by cheque, cash, or annual standing order? No. From 1st November 2021 members must pay monthly into the 200 Club account or they will not be entered into the monthly draw. Members who have already paid in advance will continue to be entered into the draw until their credit expires, at which point they must set up a standing order to continue their membership


I currently pay by standing order to the main parish account. Can I continue to do this? No. From 1st November 2021 payments all payments must go to the designated 200 Club account, otherwise you won’t be entered into the monthly draw. If you have a standing order to the main parish account, you should contact your bank to change this to the 200 Club account.


How do I set up or change my standing order? This can be done easily either in person at your bank branch, by telephone banking, or by internet banking. There are no charges or fees for this service.


What is the correct account to send the money to?

Account name: Saint Joseph’s 200 Club
Sort code: 80-22-60
Account number: 18854061
Amount: £5 per entry
Frequency: Monthly (You can pay on whichever day of the month you prefer.)
Payment reference: Your 200 Club member number (If you don’t know this enter your postcode instead.)


Why do you want me to register on the parish website? Most of the contact details we have for members are now more than ten years old, and many of them are out of date as people have moved house, changed telephone number etc. We have very few email addresses and even fewer mobile telephone numbers for our members. By having up to date information we can contact you more easily about the club and also get your winnings to you if your number is drawn.


I already pay by standing order into the account above each month, do I have to do anything? You don’t have to change anything with your bank, but please check your details are up to date on the parish register, or register for the first time if you have not already done so.


How do I register on the parish website? Click here and follow the simple instructions.


Who can I contact for more information? If you have any additional questions or concerns please contact Chris McLaughlin by email on or by telephone, text, or WhatsApp 07957644546.