The 200 Club is the Saint Joseph’s monthly parish lottery. It aims to raise funds to help with the repairs, maintenance, re-decoration and general upkeep of the church buildings and grounds. In the forthcoming year, the priority will be the repair and re-build of the external boundary walls of the church grounds. The 200 Club has negligible administration costs and 100% of all profits go to assist the parish fundraising efforts. There are a minimum of three prizes of £100 each month, in December there are five prizes of £100, and there are frequent bonus prizes of £100 each. Each entry costs £5 per month payable by standing order and you can buy as many entries as you like. Winners are notified so there is no need for members to check the result. We are always delighted to accept new members and every new member helps the re-build of the walls.

If you have any other questions about the 200 Club please contact Chris McLaughlin by email at or by telephone, text, or WhatsApp on 07957644546.

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