Click here to add yourself to our 200 Club newsletter which includes information on winners, funds raised, upcoming special bonus prizes, and all other club news. You can find previous copies of the newsletter by clicking the links for each of the months below.

July 2022: 3x £100 prizes to be won in the first week of August. All payments to be received on or before 31st July please.

June 2022: Newsletter. 5 x £100 prizes – Katja McLaughlin, Lydia Dolan, Nicola Cowan, Paul Smith, Aileen Taylor. 

May 2022: Newsletter. 3 x £100 prizes – Michael Jordan, Liam Devlin, Nicholas Farrell.

April 2022: Newsletter. 3 x £100 prizes – John Seenan, Kathleen McConville, Nicola Igoe.

March 2022: Newsletter. 5 x £100 prizes – Alison MacDonald, Joan Gallacher, Leigh Stewart, Kathleen Reid, Richard McGowan.

February 2022: Newsletter. 3 x £100 prizes – Anne Duncan, Joseph McLaughlin, Vincent Smith.

January 2022: Newsletter. 3 x £100 prizes – Kate O’Brien, Susan Wilson, Paul Smith.

December 2021: Newsletter. 5 x £100 prizes – Michael Dick, Margaret Ramage, John Coyle, Michael Jordan (2 winning entries). 

November 2021: Newsletter. 3 x £100 prizes – Sarah Rooney, Sandra Holmes, Paul Smith.