Not been able to get to Mass for some time?

If you are a parishioner at Saint Joseph’s and have not been able to secure a Mass booking for some considerable time, please complete the form below. We are sorry that you have been unable to secure a place at Mass, but the demand is far greater than the limited spaces available under Covid-19 restrictions. Every effort will be made to secure a Mass booking place for you at some time in the near future. You will receive an email notification once a Mass booking has been reserved for you. Please be patient as it may take up to seven days before we will be able to respond.

This facility is being provided only to those parishioners who have been unable to secure a place at Mass for some considerable time. If you have been successfully using the Eventbrite booking system to secure ticket(s) at Mass, then please continue to do so.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. God Bless.