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The Spiritual mission of the Society is to continue the mission of Jesus Christ. The Society sees in the life of Jesus; compassion, simplicity, integrity, gentleness and concern for all people, in everyday situations especially the outcast, rejected, or deprived in our community.


About SSVP

“Scotland’s 2000 SSVP volunteer members provide support and assistance to people across the country on a daily basis. Working in 300 groups, they assist people in need in the best way that they can. SSVP Conferences (groups) respond to needs in their communities. This usually means visiting people in their homes, in hospital, hospices or in prison. For many people, this visit is all that they need. However, in meeting people in this way, SSVP volunteers get to know people. They may then go on and provide help or assistance in other ways. Since being founded in 1833 by Frederic Ozanam and a group of friends, home visits have been at the core and heart of the work of SSVP members. The SSVP always works hard to respond to changing needs and has now established “Special Works” which provide one particular service.”


Saint Joseph’s SSVP

Here in Saint Joseph’s parish we are a group of nine parishioners. We meet weekly in the back sacristy after 12 noon Mass. New members are always welcome. We visit anyone (they don’t have to be a member of Saint Joseph’s parish or Catholic) who would benefit from a friendly visit at home or in a care home. We use the money generously donated through the SSVP boxes around the parish to reach out and help anyone in need within our area without exception.


Here is how your donations were distributed by St Joseph’s SSVP to those in need this month:

We gave financial help to a local family to enable them to carpet their home.

A contribution was given towards the running costs of the “Age Concern” bus, helping our elderly parishioners attend Sunday Mass.

We donated duvets and bed linen to those in need within our Diocese.

We contributed towards the cost of a “food cupboard” for Busby foodbank to allow them to keep donations secure.


How Can We Help You?
We are continually seeking out those who would benefit from some help. If you know of anyone who needs help, please encourage them to get in touch. All requests are dealt with in complete confidence.

Do you have a relative, friend or neighbour who may welcome a visit from a friendly face, either at home or in a care environment?

Do you know of anyone who may need financial assistance , either a one off payment or longer term support?


How can you help the SSVP?

Please remember every donation you make to the SSVP boxes in the Parish goes directly to those in need.

Please remember the Society in your prayers, that it might be fruitful in reaching out to all those in need.

You can find out more about the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul in Scotland by clicking here or on the logo above.